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OTS Detailing's Universal Tail Light Tint Vinyl empowers anyone to upgrade and personalize one of the most noticeable features of their vehicle. If there isn’t a pre-cut tint kit available for your car, this is your perfect solution.


Typically, tail lights need 3 ft/1 yard of tint, though we suggest measuring before you order.


OTS Detailing's LightWrap is a high-grade cast vinyl designed specifically for vehicle light and trim wrapping, offering a translucent tint that dims the lens while still allowing light to shine through. Made from premium cast PVC, LightWrap materials stand out for their durability and stability, making them ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. They’re easy to cut and apply, fitting perfectly on any surface, whether smooth or curved.


Our LightWrap adhesive means the film can be easily removed with heat and/or chemicals within three years, without leaving residues on various surfaces, as detailed in our warranty. It’s the best choice for both indoor and outdoor applications, offering unmatched stability and lasting quality for any vehicle


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